What to do with a Wok? ?

I like cooking,  especially the odd stir fry, I have even used a wok on the barbecue before now which brings me to today’s project because the last time I used said wok was whilst barbecuing last summer and with one thing and another the  wok ended up lost, lonely and forgotten around the back of the garage with the barbecue as Welsh summers normally last one day.

My little wok however today was given a new lease of life as my good lady wife asked me to make her a sculpture for the garden to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. What does she like I thought…….what would look good in the garden……a statement piece maybe……but what I hear you say…

Well a sunflower of course 😆😆

So far it’s a work in progress but it started out like this.

A bit of free hand petal drawing.
Some work with the cutting disc and a mole grips.

Then invert the offcuts and weld them on to the back.

So next week will be a stem, at least 6 foot tall me thinks and a leaf or three. Also some means of securing it to the garden.

A sudden surge in crafting activities 😯😯

Whilst having a relax Saturday afternoon after hacking back 100 yards of overgrown garden hedge full of brambles, hawthorn and the odd old rose with thorns the size of crocodile teeth I thought I’d pop my wee etsy tractor and plough listing on an agricultural Facebook group for our part of the country.  In the past I usually get a comment or two and half a dozen likes but for whatever reason ( maybe cash in the attic was a repeat ) my phone kept flashing and buzzing repeatedly with comments and requests for models of one description or another. 

Also I had over 100 hits on my etsy listing in under an hour and by Sunday morning over 200 !

Needless to say it sold 😆😆 but not only that a message from someone else asking if I had another.  Of course I said yes as soon as I’ve made it. 

Long story short (as I do waffle a bit ) I have another tractor on order, also a hard tail chopper motorcycle and someone has asked me to make them a model of a horse from car parts ☺☺

The photo is of the new tractor commission awaiting it’s wee plough tomorrow.  The commissionee has geven a thumbs up to progress already.

More news soon, that’s if I have time between all this new found interest in my work that is 🙂

A Little Tractor and Plough 🚜

A little long in production but eventually finished my latest model. A small tractor with a plough to add to the stock ☺

Made from left over offcuts of box and plate with pinion gears from a differential for wheels.

The first collection of bits and pieces before a basic assemble. Volvo hydraulic tappets for the V6 engine. 

Test the position of what I had already and get the welder out ☺

Wheels and axles fitted, exhaust and roll bar tried for size.

Tweak the exhaust and get a steering wheel, seat and roll bar fitted. 

Now time for an implement.

And the finished model made it home 😆

So one more to add to the collection for the possible stall at the end of May. 

After a wee absence ☺

Over the last couple of weeks or so things have been a little busy, we finally took possession of a large cheque for payment for our house so money juggling and a little bit of house hunting took priority for a while.

But I have found time to make a little trike. Not sure what to call it yet, maybe Jonny or Redrum, one reference for the teenagers there. I wonder if anyone gets it.

Also I have been invited to have a stall at a music festival at the end of May called Glastonselfy, bit chuffed to be asked but slight problem I have not enough to fill a stall as yet. No charge to have a stall either, just make a donation to the cancer charity the festival is in aid for. 

Not many photos of this one, just a couple of halfway through and a few of completed model.

Made from a couple of Clio rear wheel bearings, some V40 Volvo camshaft rockers and bits and bobs from various gearboxes and engines from around the workshop.

Next a little tractor again, slight change from the bikes for a while.

Here’s Bernie 🚘

Finally finished my latest commission of the F1 Car. He’s going to be called Bernie for obvious reasons 😆

Today I finished shaping the body she’ll, fitted the rear spoiler after making it a little shorter and made a front spoiler.

This has been my most complex model yet. Seems to have worked out OK ☺

It’s now lacquered and waiting for its commissionee to return from holiday. I wonder if the £75 price tag will bother them or not 😕

Next an ink well and calligraphy pen stand from a piece of cypress.

More progress on the Gothic F1 Car. I think I’ll name it Bernie 😆

Due to finalising house sale and last mad dash clearing out the crafting has been on a go slow. It’s been hard to get inspired with having too many pots on the stove. 

But there has been a little update.

I ended up here last week.

And with a little struggle I’ve got a rear spoiler made, a wee seat and some rear wheel hub caps.

Then came the workings out whether to give it a body shell or leave it open plan. A few cardboard templates later I had a plan.

Steering wheel has now also been fitted. An Audi Quattro inlet valve.

So template done, next a steel copy. Oh and a half hearted front spoiler in the making included in the photos

And that’s it for today. I’m however in the mood to complete it now so hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a finished Bernie 😆

Second installment on the F1 Prototype commission 🚘

Part two of my other commission of the year so far.

Last post on this I got as far as a basic engine and some wheels so still lots to do.

So firstly get the engine to look a little more like it should with some exhaust pipes and an air intake.

Next stage get everything together and to gauge wheels with an axle and a gearbox.

Next some framework for a chassis.

And that’s about it for today, needed a night to imagine and work out seat, maybe steering wheel and the all important body work which I have a feeling will be a minimalist got hic affair.