Spiders Web Coffee Table

It’s been a long while in the making but finally it’s done.

I started this little coffee table project in 2017 but moving house twice and finding a new workshop have caused a slight delay.

Made from 1 inch box iron for the frame and 10 and 6mm round bar for the web pattern all cleaned back to bare metal. The spider in the center has been made from scrap gearbox parts with welding rods for legs.

All finished in clear lacquer and completed with a bespoke made to measure glass top.

It measures 760mm wide from point to opposite point of the hexagon.

Thank for taking the time to look 😊

Long time absence ended

I’ve been rather busy trying to find enough spoons to stir the many pots I seem to have on the stove at the moment and it has been a struggle.

In the last 12 months we as a family have bought a small converted barn cottage, Old Barn, which needed a little tlc, also where I had my workshop was sold so a frantic few months went by finding somewhere else to work from.

Old Barn has been a bit of a test on the finances but it’s almost completed and this week is finally ready for holiday letting.

Workshop was also found and rented from the National Trust and soon there will be more time to get back to work and crafting in earnest and above are a few of the items made in the last fortnight and are presently sat for sale in a local pop up Christmas shop in Pumpsaint.

#greatday4upcycling #cwmcrychcuttinggarden

Spider hanging basket brackets done

Since the success of the gothic guitar stand I had the need to make something else cobwebby. 

I have plans to make a coffee table but needed something smaller to do first, so a pair of hanging basket brackets came to mind. 

First a bit of a sketch come template with a backwards Web drawing 😕

Then a bit of a cutting session .

Then a lot of cleaning all the sections before welding together. 

One down, one to go !

Then spider twins required.

Two, four, eight then sixteen legs later a completed pair done !

So far painted in clear lacquer to save corrosion but can be any other gothic colour.

Next the coffee table ☺

Now I have a cobweb itch! 

Since making the gothic guitar stand and enjoying the process so much I have had all sorts of ideas running around in my head.

Next on the list is a pair of hanging basket brackets. 

I did notice my drawing of the web was reversed before welding up the first one. Will make a pair and to finish off a pair of spiders on the end to hang the baskets from. 

Next on the list is a hexagonal coffee table.

Some fiddly workings out to get it all equal and level but the basic frame is already done.

Some steel balls for feet and the ring for the centre where another spider will sit.

Eventually it will have a glass top to finish but I have yet to decide whether the spider stays under the glass or have a round hole cut away in the centre with the spider climbing through.

The Gothic Spider Guitar Stand

I had a request from my daughter to make her something to hold 2 guitars. Just surprise me was the only brief. 

I started out with a basic frame not really knowing where I was going with it. It was only a thought to angle the upright but once I decided to curve the support brace I had a good idea how the finished stand would look.

A few more curved braces and it’s starting to take shape. Now the fiddly bit.

First a cardboard template before lots of cutting, shaping and welding of short round steel rod.

And so on until all 3 sections of the base were filled in.

And then the back support also.

Now I needed 2 guitars to gauge for size but my good lady wife was adamant I wasn’t taking her guitar into my dirty workshop. So one cardboard cut out and a whizz round with the jigsaw a couple of templates appeared. 

Now to make supports with the correct  spacings. 

A couple more braces to do.

And it’s done. Now the decoration for the top.

A warm welcome for Miles Hunt ☺

A few coats of clear lacquer and some micro bore pipe insulation to complete 

And it ready to go to its new home. 

I really enjoyed the process of making this, probably the most fulfilling piece I’ve made yet. I may well make a couple more, a single and a twin stand are rattling about in my head waiting to be done.

Giant Metal Sunflower Complete 🌻🌻🌻

My wonderful wife asked for a garden ornament as our 6th wedding anniversary gift. 

The inspiration came from her favourite painting which hangs in our living room painted by her mother many years ago in homage to that guy that painted sunflowers and all ☺

I started out thinking I would use some kind of steel bowl and weld a load of spoons around for petals but not having many spoons forced a new option of the old wok.

Off came the handles, a few rough guide lines and one attack from the grinder later and progress was promising. 

Some work with a pair of pliers and tacked on the off cut triangles on the reverse side and now I was even impressed.

So now to stand it up, some inch steel tubing and a bend or three to give it some flow and cut a few leaves out of an old dexion shelf.

One 7 foot stem.

2 leaves.

And finally 3 leaves.

Clear lacquer to give it a little rust protection before its taken home and presented to my wife on the 2nd of April on our wedding anniversary ☺☺

What to do with a Wok? ?

I like cooking,  especially the odd stir fry, I have even used a wok on the barbecue before now which brings me to today’s project because the last time I used said wok was whilst barbecuing last summer and with one thing and another the  wok ended up lost, lonely and forgotten around the back of the garage with the barbecue as Welsh summers normally last one day.

My little wok however today was given a new lease of life as my good lady wife asked me to make her a sculpture for the garden to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. What does she like I thought…….what would look good in the garden……a statement piece maybe……but what I hear you say…

Well a sunflower of course 😆😆

So far it’s a work in progress but it started out like this.

A bit of free hand petal drawing.
Some work with the cutting disc and a mole grips.

Then invert the offcuts and weld them on to the back.

So next week will be a stem, at least 6 foot tall me thinks and a leaf or three. Also some means of securing it to the garden.

A sudden surge in crafting activities 😯😯

Whilst having a relax Saturday afternoon after hacking back 100 yards of overgrown garden hedge full of brambles, hawthorn and the odd old rose with thorns the size of crocodile teeth I thought I’d pop my wee etsy tractor and plough listing on an agricultural Facebook group for our part of the country.  In the past I usually get a comment or two and half a dozen likes but for whatever reason ( maybe cash in the attic was a repeat ) my phone kept flashing and buzzing repeatedly with comments and requests for models of one description or another. 

Also I had over 100 hits on my etsy listing in under an hour and by Sunday morning over 200 !

Needless to say it sold 😆😆 but not only that a message from someone else asking if I had another.  Of course I said yes as soon as I’ve made it. 

Long story short (as I do waffle a bit ) I have another tractor on order, also a hard tail chopper motorcycle and someone has asked me to make them a model of a horse from car parts ☺☺

The photo is of the new tractor commission awaiting it’s wee plough tomorrow.  The commissionee has geven a thumbs up to progress already.

More news soon, that’s if I have time between all this new found interest in my work that is 🙂

A Little Tractor and Plough 🚜

A little long in production but eventually finished my latest model. A small tractor with a plough to add to the stock ☺

Made from left over offcuts of box and plate with pinion gears from a differential for wheels.

The first collection of bits and pieces before a basic assemble. Volvo hydraulic tappets for the V6 engine. 

Test the position of what I had already and get the welder out ☺

Wheels and axles fitted, exhaust and roll bar tried for size.

Tweak the exhaust and get a steering wheel, seat and roll bar fitted. 

Now time for an implement.

And the finished model made it home 😆

So one more to add to the collection for the possible stall at the end of May. 

After a wee absence ☺

Over the last couple of weeks or so things have been a little busy, we finally took possession of a large cheque for payment for our house so money juggling and a little bit of house hunting took priority for a while.

But I have found time to make a little trike. Not sure what to call it yet, maybe Jonny or Redrum, one reference for the teenagers there. I wonder if anyone gets it.

Also I have been invited to have a stall at a music festival at the end of May called Glastonselfy, bit chuffed to be asked but slight problem I have not enough to fill a stall as yet. No charge to have a stall either, just make a donation to the cancer charity the festival is in aid for. 

Not many photos of this one, just a couple of halfway through and a few of completed model.

Made from a couple of Clio rear wheel bearings, some V40 Volvo camshaft rockers and bits and bobs from various gearboxes and engines from around the workshop.

Next a little tractor again, slight change from the bikes for a while.